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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And we Have Proof!! Sheria Ngowi Vs Jacqueline's Fundi Vs Vera Wang

This has been an interesting story...full of drama!! So,after Jacqueline Mafuru's kitchen party...
 This dress started lots of talk in social media! Stylist Rio Paul alerted me about the saga and i did a followup.....
 And i discovered that,the talk was about the design being identical to Sheria Ngowi's design worn by Mwamvita Makamba at Miss Tanzania 2011 event....BUT this was purchased from China! So,i found a reliable source and enquire if it's true....and Haki Ngowi,Vice President of Sheria Ngowi Designs confirmed that, "Wameibaaaa" from Sheria's design!!
After my post....many of Jacque's friends sent their rather ANGRY comments and I asked for just one thing....SEND ME THE PICTURE OF THE VERA WANG DESIGN, from China...if you believe this is NOT a Sheria Ngowi Design!!.... And THEY DID!!! Thanks to Mercy who went to the shop in China and took this picture...
Need I say more??!! Bhaaasi! It's confirmed...the design by Jacqueline Mafuru was NOT a copy of Sheria Ngowi's design BUT a dress bought in China...
.......where so many other can be purchased!! However,I can not prove if this is a Vera Wang Design until I see the actual Vera Wang or a tag on the dress that confirms it.
About the rest,well...you can figure that by yourself, have we been fooled?!



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