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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

As the only man in the world to lift four times his own body weight, Anton Kraft is pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world. The 4’4′ dwarf, who resides in Florida, has lifted as much as 36 stone. With women, he is no less ambitious.
Kraft, 52, only dates women who are more than a foot taller than he is. For the past six months he has been dating 6’3′ China Bell. Bell, 43, who was born male and has since transitioned, admits she was unsure when he first asked her out but was quickly bowled over by his weightlifting skills. 
The bodybuilder, who is originally from Denmark said: 
“We used to walk against the current, but the current has changed.Florida is one the states that have same-s3x marriage – and both of us are basically the same s3x. 
“I enjoy dating a transgender woman because she was born a male and is doing the utmost to become as feminine as possible. I find that most women born as women do not spend as much time on their appearance.”


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