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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Whore Escapes With An Elderly Man’s Trousers In Nairobi.
An elderly man was deeply  embarrassed after a call girl he had asked sexual services from sneaked away with his coat and trousers after he fell asleep after the ‘great Game’.
The man had entered the South B, Nairobi, hotel shortly after 10am to get the ‘quickie’ with the commercial se’x worker.
But at around midnight, fun lovers partying the night out were treated to a shock when the man showed up in a bar, situated in the same building where he had hired room service from in his inner wear.
Frustrated, he ran through the streets in search of the lady, but all in vain.
 As the free for all ‘naked’ show unfolded, he was forced to return to the room where the hotel management  came to his aid and offered him a worn out pair of trousers before he left embarrassingly.


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