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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zari Hassan might be smiling for the cameras but truth be told, the lass is going through a lot in her relationship with singer Diamond Platnumz.
The two have a child Tiffah the most followed celeb kid on Instagram and other social media pages and are expecting another child.

Though Diamond recently bought Zari a house in South Africa as a birthday gift, rumors has it that Zari is under a lot of stress after she found earrings belonging to Diamond’sclande in his house in TanzaniaThis came shortly after Zari paid Diamond a surprise visit in Tanzania only to find the earrings belonging to Tanzania’s top model Hamisa Mobeto.
The lady featured in Diamond’s ‘Salome’ hit song which has more than 2 million views in a week.Well, her post said it all; “You should try to deal with your man next time and by the way your action was crazy, Oh now you know she has access to your bedroom What a shame?
If he respects you enough he would never do shit on the same bed you make your babies…
PS:Come down Granny act your age n keep in mind you cant compete with a freshy”
Zari has however been warned from traveling and stressing herself if she wants to successfully go through her pregnancy term. See the hot lady Hamisa Mobeto.


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