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Monday, September 19, 2016

Mkurugenzi wa Taasisi ya Mikono Speakers International Bw. Deogratius Kilawe akiwa na Meneja wa Masoko wa Taaisisi hiyo Rozzy Dossa na Mkurugenzi wa Masoko Niss Richard leo walipokutana na Waandishi wa Habari katika Hoteli maarufu ya Holiday Inn mjini Dar na kutangaza azma ya Taasisi hiyo kushiriki kwenye kuchangia mfuko wa janga la Taifa laTetemeko la Ardhi kwa mkoa wa Kagera.

Mikono Speakers International
Ex-Nedco Building 1st Floor, P. O. Box 77326 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255 717 109362 Email: sales@excel.co.tz

Mikono Speaker International will donate 10% of its profit from the ‘’Financial Services Expo 2016’’to Tanzania NGO’s and Victims of Earthquakes in Kagera
Mikono Speakers international will give out 10%  of its  profit from their upcoming Financial services Expo that will be held in dar es Salaam for Tanzania NGO’s that focus on improving the education sector in Tanzania and to victims of Earthquake in Kagera region in Tanzania. Speaking at a Conference at Holiday Inn, Dar es salaam, the Managing Director of Mikono Speakers emphasized that their main CSR Goal for this year was to focus on the education sector by 75% and leave the 25% for other sectors but due to what happened in Kagera they saw the need to take action and do what they can to assist their fellow Tanzanians as they are a company owned by Tanzanians.
 ‘’As a company we believe that having quality people determine the strength of the nation and this can only be achieved through education, Tanzanians are still lagging behind and it is not only the role of the government to play but everyone must contribute to the improvement of the education sector in Tanzania’’ Deogratius Kilawe Chief Executive officer of Mikono as he was briefing the media.
Over 1,882,313 school desks are required to meet the demand of desks in public primary and secondary schools in the country and recently the Government launched a nationwide campaign to solve this challenge.
For the Past few years Mikono Speakers Has been participating actively in the social course in the Line of it’s CRS Policy.
Mikono Speakers International corporate responsibility and sustainable development focuses on Health, Education and sponsorship and donation. The company engages in different CSR activities and Sustainable actions as follows:
1. Health:
Mikono Speakers International has been actively involved in different health programs to include Stand Up for African Mothers in Tanzania and donates to AMREF Tanzania. This is due to the fact that every year in sub-Saharan Africa, almost 162,000 mothers die as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth, representing 56 per cent of the global total.  This translates to 800 women dying every day.  Over 80 per cent of these deaths could have been prevented. As a  Company they see this as a serious problem and see the need to support AMREF Tanzania to sort out this issue and their  hope is to see total eradication of this challenge in our Continent 100%.
2. Education:
  • A. Mikono Speakers have organized several continuous events and activities such as Cup of Coffee with Mikono Speakers, Executive Breakfast meeting and Online Video education which have been used as a strategy to reach as many people as they can.
  • B. Since 2016 Mikono Speakers International through its initiative partnership with different ethical NGO’s we plan to 1000 school desks to needy schools in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. Current Board of director already set aside 10%  of its  profit to give back to Our community as they believe in the Late Patrice Lumumba quote  ’Africa will write its own history and both north and south of the Sahara it will be a history full of glory and dignity’’. They are here to write that history and  not to wait for people from outside

4. Sponsorships and Donation:
Mikono Speakers sets aside a fund and in kind help for special sponsorship and donation request.
Current More than 42 companies have confirmed to participate in Tanzania Financial Services Expo (TFSE) 2016, an event aimed at increasing financial literacy and awareness to Tanzanians. TFSE will be held in Dar es Salaam at the Diamond Jubilee Hall Exhibition Centre on the 10th and 11th November 2016, and will be hosted by Mikono Speakers International, a multisectoral consulting firm in Africa. Participants include insurance companies, banks, social security funds, microfinance institutions and payment gateway solution providers. According to Mikono’s latest update, 105 exhibitors are expected to participate from more than 10 countries, of which 90% will be local companies.


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