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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ok Guys I have a Small Announcement to make...!! As Much as I love this Lil angel, Please & I repeat Please, Quit editing her pics and make her look like my own... This baby Got parents and her parents are Not Idris & I... First of all y'all just dont know how hurt I get wen I see all those pics of her and Me Together... Really makes me wonder why I dont have my own by now.

... I adore this baby from my heart and Her parents are really Blessed to have her.... And Trust me after Anorah's mom spoke today I kinda felt what she felt and even if it was me I wouldnt be happy.... If y'all want to see Anorah, please follow Anorah's biological Mother... @miss_es_s@miss_es_s@miss_es_s@miss_es_s .... Other than that stop editing the baby's pictures making her look like mine.... As much as I wish she were mine, STOP IT... I mean who wouldnt wish for a baby like Anorah.... She is a cutie & a half.... ☺️@miss_es_s Im very sorry for all the inappropriateness that has incurred... Kiss Baby Anorah for me....😘 And forgive me for all dat cause im sure everyone dat took part in all the edits didnt do it with a bad intention.... See Im a Celebrity in Tanzania and its been my long time wish to have a baby... And so far havent been that lucky.... So u can imagine how my fans are feeling for me... But I promise, u will not see any more edits... And To everybody editing Anorah's pics, I would love it if u jus post Anorah's pics alone... No need of putting me or Idris in any of them.... Thank You....!


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