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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Quotes from LONG WALK to FREEDOM book by Nelson Mandela: Sikia mambo ya Nyerere

1)- Early next morning we left for Mbeya, Tanganyika....

2)- We booked in a local hotel waiting for Mr.Mwakangale MP for Tanganyika African Union....

3)- We arrived in Dar-es-Salaam the next day and met Julius Nyerere, the newly independent country's first president....

4)- I was meant to meet Oliver Tambo in Dar-es-Salaam...

5)- I (Nelson Mandela) did not have a passport, I carried with me a rudimentary document from Tanganyika...he has permission to leave Tanganyika and return here (Tanganyika)
Even Odinga was given a Tanzania passport to leave for UK, Nyerere was more of a son of Africa than Tanganyika, seeing things in a bigger picture, he was truly a visionary leader.

6)- Mandela thanked Ghana, Nigeria and Tanganyika for exerting pressure that spearheaded South Africa to be oust from the British Commonwealth.

7)- From Khartoum I went direct to Dar-es-Salaam, where I greeted the first group of twenty-one Umkhonto (ANC) recruits, thousands of them were trained in our camps in Tanzania(ANC & PAC) -Morogoro

8)- Many officers and NCO of the current SADF (South Africa Defence Force) soldiers speak fluent swahili.

9)- He is a freedom fighter who heard Chief Luthuli's appeal and joined Trevor Huddleston in launching the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Britain in 1959; a leader whose decisive intervention at the Commonwealth Conference after the Sharpeville Massacre led to the exclusion of apartheid South Africa.

Nani Alijua kuwa Nyerere ndie ali engineer kumaliza ubaguzi wa rangi SA, mpaka sisi tulikuwa tukiimbishwa nyimbo za kuwaponda makaburu.

We can only live Nyerere kama tutaamua kusimamia misingi alioiasisi na kuitumia kujenga umoja wetu kama Taifa huru.


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