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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

After the alleged phone smashing at the Moi International Airport, Chris Brown has for the first time come out to respond to the allegation that got Kenyans demanding his deportation.
Chris Brown through his Kenyan rep Thandie Ojeer, strongly refuted the claims expressing his disappointment at the perception people have about Brown with many perceiving him as violent while indeed, the singer did not show any violence.
“Chris said: ‘Not again. This is another lie about me’,” Thandie was quoted by eDaily.

Thandie however said that Brown did not get angry over the attacks directed at him on Friday.
“Chris was not really mad. You know when you are right you don’t have to get angry really. He was in such a good mood. He had such a good time,” Thandie stated. Despite unfortunate incident and much publicity, Brown’s show went on successfully with the singer promising more visits in the country.
“It was his first time in Kenya. He loved Kenya and her people. He just happened to interact with a part of Kenya. Nonetheless, he experienced the hospitality and warmth of Kenyan people. He told me: ‘I like the country. I really want to do the safari (Kenyan tour), but…next time,” Thandie revealed.

The popular RnB singer became the subject of discussion on social media with many calling for his deportation after a woman accused him of smashing her iPhone at the airport, allegations that have since not been proven.


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