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Monday, October 31, 2016

Moja ya bifu katika historia ya hip hop nchini Afrika Kusini, Cassper Nyovest na AKA imemalizika.

Bifu hiyo imeisha baada ya AKA kwenda kumpongeza hasimu wake, Cassper kwenye show yake ya kihistoria Jumamosi, iliyomshuhudia akiweka historia kubwa ya kuwa msanii wa kwanza wa hip hop kutoka nchini humo kuujaza uwanja wa mpira wa Orlando jijini Johannesburg.
Baada ya show hiyo, AKA alimfuata Cassper na kumpongeza. Picha za wawili hao wakiwa wamekumbatiana zimekuwa gumzo mtandaoni huku baadhi ya mastaa wa nchini humu wakiwapongeza kwa kumaliza uadui wao.
Hata kabla ya show hiyo, AKA aliandika kwenye Twitter: Good Morning! This is the day the lord has made. @casspernyovest, today is your day. Good luck & God bless.
Cassper alijibu: Thanks for the well wishes. God bless
Na hata girlfriend wake na AKA, Bonang Matheba alikuwa na moyo huo huo kwa kuandika kwenye Twitter: All the best tonight @CassperNyovest… God is good. All the time… Your dream will come true. The country supports you.
Wawili hao walikuwa kwenye bifu kali iliyoanza kwa AKA kumdiss mwenzie kwenye wimbo Composure uliotoka September mwaka jana.
Miongoni mwa mashairi yaliyomchana Cassper ni:

“Tried to be civil until I saw your Twitter page/ but I was in Europe doing bigger things.”

“Young king, I shoulda took you under my wing/ instead I let you under my skin.”
“Such a pity you can’t dance on a verse.”
“I know you play like you humble, but we’re just one and the same.”
“All this talk about God, Imma show you hell.”

“Ain’t gonna treat your ponytail like it’s a holy grail.”
“That’s the problem with you new school cats – you took your whole style from Malumkoolkat.”
Cassper alimjibu AKA kwenye Twitter: It took him more than 7 months to reply , now let him Decompose. I love the fact that he confesses about how he hate not being number 1 , cos number 1 ain’t worried about all that is behind him. Reminder….Your ALTER EGO helped me to reach LEVELS you never reached? Niqqas throwing shade but they still catching feelings.
September 19, Cassper aliachia diss mbili kwa AKA, ‘Back to Back’ na ‘Ashes2Ashes’.
Baadhi ya mashairi ya ‘Ashes2Ashes’:
“Man I just landed in Europe and I ain’t even packed a toothbrush, and people back home are still arguing about who’s hot” – well we are not sure if whether he means he’s so hot that he doesn’t have to brush his teeth or that he found his toothbrush waiting for him in the UK.
“Things is different I’m trying to move on to better things, putting haters next to the middle finger like a wedding ring” – Well that is as clear as a crystal ball.
“Haters multiply but it’s fine ‘coz I’m used to that, everybody got advise you would swear they used to rap” – We can only assume Cassper is talking about Sizwe Dlhomo who is famous for his knowledge in rap but has never been a rapper. We know the two aren’t best of friends.
“And I be chilling, I don’t like violence but though I got goons, throw 100k to stash moola like I got you” – Cassper is addressing the incident in which AKA walked up to his desk and slapped him. Cassper did not retaliate.
“You see I only call my thugs if it’s that deep, ‘coz on my own I could move a n**ga like a chess piece” – Sill on the slapping incident, basically saying that he could have called his gang on AKA but he did not because he can handle him on his own.
“They saying Cass serve this n**ga on his wack track, nah I’m on tour I’ll deal with it when I get back”
Cassper has also let us in on a little secret about a Bafana Bafana player:
“Kagiso Dikgacoi just bought a Bentley, Africa is taking on the world boy do you get me?”

“I’ll go ahead and leave this here so ya’ll Mother***** hate on it, this ain’t the reply but it’s coming you should wait on it”
Kama hiyo haitoshi, October 3, Cassper aliachia diss track nyingine, Dust to Dust.
Miongoni mwa mistari kwenye ‘Dust 2 Dust’ ilisema.
-‘Are you mad cuz they never show you love like they did Cass? or is it cuz you never own any song in your diss tracks?’
-‘You thought this is what is what you wanted, but its hot now; your body get cool by a drive by’ ‘You just went Gold but I did that sh*t in 3 months, and I did it all without a Kuli Chana feature’.
-‘If you’ve never mentioned my queen ‘I would’ve kept my composure’ but now you did lets tell the people how the drugs got you f*cked up’
– ‘You said you broke up with yo girl cuz of yo album, but you lying cuz she found out that Bonang got you star struck’
-‘You very selfish, you aint even credit n*ggas cuz the truth is, you ain’t had a hit without a feature’.
Siku chache baadaye, aliongea na waandishi wa habari na kusema Composure ya AKA ilimshika pabaya kiasi cha kushindwa kunyamaza na hivyo kujibu kwa ngoma yake Dust2dust.
“I responded to AKA’s Composure because it got to me. It was personal for me, it got to me. As a man I had to respond,” alisema.
Aliongeza pia hata marafiki zake walimsihi asijibu lakini alishindwa kujizua.
“I walked away from having a gun to my head, from being slapped, but I could not walk away from Composure,” aliongeza.


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