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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October 18th, 2016                             

MultiChoice announces a revolution in Pay-TV in Tanzania

DStv subscription prices slashed and more entertainment added to DStv Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access.

Great news for television lovers in Tanzania, the revolution has arrived and everyone can now enjoy great family entertainment asMultiChoice delivers even more value to DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access! True to our commitment, today MULTICHOICE announced a decrease on DStv subscription prices alongside a massive content upgrade on DStv packages, effective on November 1st2016.

DStv Premium will now offer more for less, with an unbelievable reduction of 16% on the subscription price from November 1st, the new subscription price will be TZS 184 000.With the addition of eight high definition (HD) channels, customers can now watch more of their favourite shows. In a major revamp ofDStv Compact Plus,customers will now enjoy the addition of fantastic premium channels. with buzz worthy original series plus hilarious local sitcoms, riveting talk shows, thought-provoking documentaries along with a 17% drop in subscription price to TZS 122 500.

As of November 1st, new channels will include Vuzu AMP, Lifetime, Discovery channel,Crime& Investigation, History channel and Africa Magic Showcase. DStv Compact Plus will also be injected with extra sports content with the addition of more UEFA Champions League matches alongside the best European Football leagues and the Europa league on SuperSport 6 (SS6) and SuperSport 4 (SS4). New channels coming soon to DStv to bring the best of Nollywood content, Latin American telenovelas and Bollywood movies respectively, on the package include ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies.

DStv Compact will receive a 5% price drop to TZS 82 250, and will retain the previous addition of the Premier League and La Liga earlier this year. In additional to this, customers will now get even more content from ITV Choice (DStv channel 123), TCM (DStv channel 137) and SS4. From November onwards, Compact subscribers will also be treated to new channels, ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies!

The DStv Family package will be reduced by 16% to TZS 42 900and will be boosted with 5 additional channels B4U Movies, Evaand Eva Plus channels. More entertainment awaits with the addition of SS4 and FOX. DStv Bomba package will gain three more channels and drop by 15%, the new price will be TZS 19,950 and this will be effective on the 15th of November.

“This significant price drop, coupled with the major boost in entertainment value across all DStv bouquets demonstrates our commitment to ensuring DStv customers receive the best possible access to great entertainment and outstanding value. For new customers the price reductions in both subscription prices and state of the art decoders  will ensure that great family entertainment is available to everyone at the most affordable price. These changes are not only a defining moment in our MultiChoice story, but also a defining moment in the African entertainment landscape and we are proud to be pushing as hard as we can to delight as much as we can, every television entertainment fan in Africa,” said Ronald Baraka Shelukindo, the Operations Manager of MultiChoie Tanzania.

Mkurugenzi wa Uendeshaji wa Multchoice Tanzania, Ronald Shelukindo akizungumza katika mkutano na waandishi wa habari (hawapo pichani).
Mhariri Kiongozi wa Magazeti ya Michezo ya Championi, Saleh Ally akiwauliza swali viongozi wa Multchoice Tanzania (hawapo pichani).
Ronald Shelukindo akijibu swali la  Saleh Ally.
Mwandishi wa habari kutoka New Habari, Hassan Bumbuli akiuliza swali kwa viongozi wa Multichoice Tanzania.
Meneja Mauzo wa Multichoice Tanzania, Salum Salum akijibu maswali ya wanahabari.
Wanahabari na wafanyakazi wa Multichoice Tanzania wakibadilishana mawazo baada ya mkutano.
KAMPUNI ya Multichoice Tanzania leo imetangaza huduma mpya kwa wateja wake baada ya kutangaza kufanya mapinduzi makubwa katika huduma yake ya DStv.

Kuanzia Novemba Mosi, mwaka huu wateja wa DStv wataanza kunufaika na punguzo la bei katika vifurushi vya Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family na Access.
Akizungumza katika mkutano na waandishi wa habari, Mkurugenzi wa Uendeshaji wa Multchoice Tanzania, Ronald Shelukindo amesema kuwa DStv Premium imepokea punguzo la asilimia 16 kuanzia Novemba Mosi ambapo bei yake mpya itakuwa ni Sh 184,000. Pamoja na hayo pia kifurushi hicho kitakuwa na ongezeko la chaneli nane.

Kifurushi cha DStv Compact Plus kimepokea punguzo la asilimia 17 na bei yake itakuwa ni 122,500.

“Chaneli hizo mpya zitarushwa na Vuzu, AMP, Lifetime, Discovery, Crime & Investigation, History na Africa Magic Showcase. Compact Plus imeongeza pia chaneli za michezo zitakazoendeleza msisimko kwa wapenzi wa soka kupitia vipindi vya Ligi ya Mabingwa Ulaya, Ligi za Ulaya na Europa na zote zitapatikana kwenye chaneli ya Supersport 6 na 4,” alisema Shelukindo.
Aidha, kwa wapenzi wa filamu za kiafrika watafaidi kupitia Nollywood, wapenzi wa tamthilia za Kilatini, wataburidika na Telenovelas, filamu za Bollywood na sinema zitakazopatikana kwenye chaneli za ROK, Eva Plus na B4U.

Kuhusu kifurushi cha Compact, bei yake mpya itakuwa ni 82, 250 ikiwa ni punguzo la 5%, kitakuwa na Ligi Kuu ya England, Premier na ile ya Ligi Kuu Hispania, La Liga lakini wateja wameongezewa chaneli za ITV Choice, TCM na Super Sport 4.

“Kwenye kifurushi cha Dstv Family, bei mpya ni 42,900 na kimepokea ongezeko la chaneli tano za B4U Movies, Eva, Eva Plus, Supersport 4 na Fox. Na kuhusu kifurushi cha Dstv Bomba, kuna ongezeko la chaneli tatu na bei yake mpya ni 19,950 kutoka 23,500,” aliongeza mkurugenzi huyo.

Picha / Habari: Sweetbert Lukonge


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