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Thursday, November 3, 2016

a socialite is someone who has money and often doesn't work, instead devotes his/her life to being "socially active." Socialites go to parties, gather media attention, and essentially "work" at being popular. This comes at the expense of any meaningful contribution to society or culture (outside of catchphrases-that-aren't-really-catchphrases, like Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton are Socialites - No-talent sex video making tramps).

So our team of social life experts has come up with a list of top 10 most talked about East African socialites. There’re only two Ugandan socialites and two Tanzanians as Kenyans dominate the list! Anyway check this list out and let us know what you think;

10. Gladyz Shao
Gladyz Shao from Tanzania

She is a Tanzanian socialites who everyone is talking about lately for her sexiness and exotic attitude that keep men’s pants perform all kinds of acrobats!

9. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto from Tanzania

Hamisa Mobetto is also one of the sexiest/hottest video vixens in Tanzania… (The photo can speak a thousand words)

8. Vanessa Chettle

Vanessa Chettle from Kenya

Socialite cum party host cum musician Vanessa Chettle is simply extreme nudist who makes headlines across major Kenya's blogs & tabloids. She has built her name from bonking female friends. She apparently gets a lot of attention and money because of her sexuality

7. Risper Faith

Risper Faith from Kenya
She is the most controversial socialite in Kenya. Risper Faith is one of those who is not shy to show off her naked body, sleep with every man that has money even smoke weed in public…and thereafter declaring that she is saved in Jesus’ name on Instagram.
6. Judith Heard
Judith Heard from Uganda
Ex-international model based in the US, Judith Heard was once branded the richest woman in Uganda’s showbiz industry as she was the first person to import a Bentley in Uganda – a Bentley used in Jose Chameleone’s ‘Vumilia’ video. And having money, she took advantage of bedding young boys to satisfy her sexual appetite….some of the alleged names include the likes of Tonix, Exodus etc. But none the less, she appears in our list
5. Vera Sidika 

Vera Sidika from Kenya
Vera Sidika gained popularity after she appeared in the music video for the song ‘You Guy’ by Kenyan hip-hop group P-Unit, released in 2012. The ‘You Guy’ video was actually not Sidika’s first music video. 4 years earlier, she had appeared in the video for the song ‘UnatakaNini’ by hip-hop artiste, and Sidika’s friend, Prezzo. In 2014, she appeared in the video for the song ‘Carry Go’ by Nigerian-American artiste Davido featuring D-Black. Sidika is the only girl in a family of three children and she has earned her living off her nakedness and sleeping around with tycoons.
4. Huddah Monroe
Huddah Monroe from Kenya
Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who have massive following from the Kenyan Youths. Huddah, together with Vera Sidika, have contributed in incorporating the western culture among the youths. Her popularity shot up when she participated in the Big Brother Africa event in South Africa. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also several youths across the world. This socialite is very brave, she has confessed that she earns her living off men’s Penises!
3. Agnes Masogange
Agnes Masogange from Tanzania
Agnes Masogange is Tanzania’s most popular socialite. In other words, she’s a model who makes a living off Instagram, actually someone referred to her as Africa’s most famous Instagram Booty Model, whatever the hell that is she has been bonked by Nigerian singer Davido and our own Uganda Meddie Ssentongo!

2. Corazon Kwamboka

Corazon Kwamboka from Kenya
I will not waste your time with long speeches about Kenya’s Corazon Kwamboka’s derriere or her mammary glands or the fact that they sit rather seductively on a wasp like waist. But things to note about this lady, she is a lawyer and self-made model who currently earns a living off social media through fashion and flaunting her booty for rich men! She is currently dating Uganda’s Casanova Meddie Ssentongo
1. Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan From Uganda
Zari Hassan has to be biggest female name in the East African entertainment industry. From the men she beds, the clothes she rocks and vehicles she drives, Zari Hassan is news any day. She is a true definition of a socialite. In fact many have nicknamed her Kim Kardashian of Africa! She is currently bedding East Africa’s most popular artist, Diamond Platinumz.


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