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Monday, November 21, 2016

They are no longer numerous photos done out of desperation but rather a careful teasing of the viewers with segments of her prized assets.
Early today, the voluptuous Corazon caused a massive stir online when she stepped out donning a figure hugging dress that revealed all but her nipples.
Her huge, bulging twin jugs threatened to burst through the strap holding them and while her n!pples pressed out crying for freedom.
Her followers could not have enough of her as they streamed in tens and hundreds commenting and saluting, proving Corazon had achieved the desired effect.
Commenting why she had opted to step out without a bra, Corazon simply offered;
“I don't wear them with a bra! I don't think you should wear them with a bra because the bra will surely be showing and that's not very acceptable”
Here is the photo;


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