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Thursday, June 15, 2017

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"Curiosity is as good a thing as it is bad, curiosity for a child means learning something new, innovative, being thoughtful and trying to be a doer!
Leaders of tomorrow, our children, would need to be very adaptive of innovation and change, because they are going to be leading a life of the most fierce competition ever faced by the human race. Because they will be living in the fast high-tech world where the economy and survival will be controlled by knowledge and competence. Africa has to prepare to face the challenge and tap the potential that comes with it. So we should promote curiosity and foster creativity amongst our children to prepare them for the future knowledge-based economy. As we allow them to embrace knowledge of new horizons we should be wary of allowing them to learn things which are unethical and unbecoming of responsible #AfricanChildren. I am thinking of my children and the future of all children in my country and my continent as we look forward to celebrate the day of the #AfricanChild tomorrow, June 16, 2017. #SheilaKigwangalla #HamisiKigwangalla #HK #SiasaNiVitendo #TanzaniaTuitakayo"


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